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Thorough periodic eye examinations by an ophthalmologist are important in maintaining eye health.  

girl-getting-eye-exam Guidelines

  • Prior to first entering school as a child, sooner if parents have any concerns.  
  • When glasses are needed, children and teens should be seen every one to two years.  
  • Adults should have a dilated exam at least once between age 20 and 45.
  • After age 45, a dilated exam is suggested at least every two to four years.
  • After age 65, every one to two years.

Benefits of Routine Eye Care

  • Accurate Glasses Refraction
  • Screening for Glaucoma and Other Diseases

In his training at the Indiana University Medical Center, Dr. Brazus became proficient in various laser and surgical treatments of the eye.  

Throughout his practice he has perfected newer techniques such as advanced, no-stitch/no-patch cataract surgery and laser vision correction or LASIK.  


  • LASIK Refractive Surgery
  • No-Stitch, No-Shot, No-Patch Cataract Surgery
  • Glaucoma Surgery
  • Eye Muscle Surgery to straighten the eyes
  • Retinal Laser Treatment for Glaucoma and Diabetes
  • Tear Duct Probing
  • Cosmetic and Functional Eyelid Surgery